Why now & why “marauding”? Isn’t that a bit…negative?


Why start blogging (again) now? I supposed the clearest answer is a vague “why not now?” I’ve gotten comfortably immersed into the Edu-portion of twitter, gotten myself into the mix for local education – in the classroom and in local EdCamp world.  I suppose, it just feels like blogging ought to be the next piece.  That and I no longer feel as awkward and “what could I possibly have to share” now because I’m learning that you don’t need to be the one with the sexy sales pitch…you just need to be YOU.

Why “marauding”? I know, it brings to mind a group of smelly big guys, ransacked villages & weeping children standing in the ashes of a life now destroyed… but what about maraud in association with pillaging what’s not working and sharing the plunder of what is? What about systematically going after the parts of education that are NOT about kids and the excitement of learning, and then sharing what IS about putting kids first with a growing PLN?  In that view, I want to be that marauder, that pillager; and I want to be able to say I do a little bit each day to chip away at something that’s not about kids, or that I shared something that is about kids with my PLN.

So, this is a challenge for myself.  One or the other – each day. Starting now.


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