Dear Legislator,


It’s time to stop the rhetoric, the blame games, the sleigh of hand…all that junk.  You and I each have a job to do – create a better future for the next generation & we need each other to do it.  We also need to rebuild some trust in each other.

I’ve met a few of you and I know you’ve met a few of my coworkers; I get the impression that neither of us left that situation feeling the warm fuzzies.  You saw the educators are unreasonably demanding & whiny.  The educators saw through your double-talk (many of us do deal with teenagers on a daily basis).  In the end, the conversations we had did little to fix the problem of what’s to come.

The reality is this – we’ve reached the crisis point.  In our state, we don’t have enough qualified people in the classroom.  This is frightening.  We’re filling classroom teaching positions with under qualified, ill prepared, and (in some cases) the very people our neighbors ran off.

“So what?” you say.  SO WHAT?!?!?!?  You are OKAY with putting your children in this scenario?!?!?!? I, for one, an certainly not okay with this.  Not as a teacher, not as a parent, and certainly not as a responsible member of my community.  Do you not see that by having to desperately snag anyone we can to fill positions means we increase the risk of multiple incidences of “that teacher from the news” showing up…in a classroom…in YOUR child’s classroom?!?!

Stop and let that marinate for a bit.  Have you noticed the number of stories on “that” teacher have been rising lately.  Ever consider why that is?

There is nothing.  NOTHING more important to me than my children and, I adopt yours when I have them in my classroom. Honey, you can point whatever finger you want my way. You can ridicule my profession, question my methods, and call me all kinds of names…but when the scary people come out of the woodwork, I’m exactly the one you hope is there with your child. I’m your 5’6″ ace in the hole. Because those kids are MY kids.

We all agree that we want future generations to further and better the community, nation, world.  We agree that your best shot at making this happen is by being educated.  So fund education – it truly is that simple.

John Green Pays School Taxes

Chicken Little Out